A Day in Kathmandu, Nepal, December, 2016

I have spent one month in Nepal – mid December 2016 to mid January 2017. Part of my trip I spent in Lumbini for a 10-day vipassana meditation course. One day I will write about it, otherwise just ask me when we meet – I am happy to share my experience.

These days I mostly sketch during my travels and take occasional photos with my ipad. This time around I took my film camera, good old Canon AE-1P.

Here are some photos from one day in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu-Nepal-Anna-Sircova-December-2016-1 Continue reading

Indvielsen – Invitation to the exhibition opening – June 3 – Copenhagen

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of our project –

Indvielsen | Initiation: The Danish Tribe

June 3, 2016
17:00 – 19:00, Artist talk at 17.30
Politiken Boghal – Rådhuspladsen 37 , 1785 København K


This is a multi-disciplinary art project that me and Laureline Demonet have been working on lately. It is a project where we combine social studies, fashion, textile craft and photography.

Laureline explores the views of newcomers to Denmark on the Danish fashion and “Danishness” in general. She then creates a mask of what she has discovered through the interviews and later on I take photographs of the interviewees wearing their “Danish” mask.

This work is an opportunity for the Danes to look at themselves from a very unusual angle. We wish thereby to shake up the stereotypes about national identities and invite you to join the tribe!

The first part of our project will be exhibited as an installation on the Metro’s construction’s wall -City Hall Square. This is definitely the largest installation that I have ever been part of – we take over the whole wall, which is 4 meters high and 50 meters long, from top to bottom! The oversized portraits, accompanied by a narrative, will be there from the 3rd of June 2016 until end of December 2016.

More about the project: https://indvielsen.dk/

I’m really looking forward to seeing you on June 3rd for the opening of this bizarre project!

Last days at Prøvestenen – wanna be a model?

Dear friends,

there are always times that something comes to an end, but of course something else starts at the same time.
I invite you to visit me at my studio in Prøvestenen for the last time – we have to move out by April 1.

I’d be happy if you will help me to capture this special place in some series of images – and if you can also help me to pack and move some of the things – that would be great as well. But most importantly I just want to use the space for the fullest while it lasts. It offers really interesting backdrops and such. So if you ever dreamed to be a model – I would be really happy to work with you!

You’ll get to see a very special place in Copenhagen and you’ll get some bizzare photos taken at the same time.

Please call me – 71437363 – I won’t have much internet access while I’m there.

Hope to see you!

The essence of a place

A very interesting find for me – the works of a German photographer Frank Machalowski.


Multiexpo 100 | Frank Machalowski

Since my talk on chronotope, the notion of time-space and its application in the city scape, I’ve been paying more attention to how time and space are intertwined in the urban setting. Working with the geometrical figures inspired by Chillida’s work has also made an impact on how I perceive the geometry in everyday setting. I particularly like the image below, where you can see the geometrical forms ‘floating’ in the air.


Multiexpo | Frank Machalowski

These interesting series by Frank Machalowski tapped into something I wonder about these days – the interconnections of places in time and the geometry of it. Am not sure how to phrase it even.. I guess it will come later on..


Multiexpo | Frank Machalowski

I really enjoyed Frank’s approach to a place – to take multiple exposures of it, to capture the surrounding context, but make it subtle, to keep only the essence and mute down a bit the everyday buzz that surrounds it. It’s like taking a perspective of that building or place on what’s happening around it. To see what emanates from the building. It especially caught my attention, since I just came back from Berlin and just being in those spaces myself made me more attuned to these series.

Should load some film into my old Zenit and try this out..


Multiexpo | Frank Machalowski