Creative Flow as a Resource

Rediscovering yourself: creative flow as a resource

Creative Flow as a Resource is an engaging and personally challenging 4-week course designed to serve as a window for exploring options for creativity and self-improvement in your day-to-day life. Participants meet once a week to learn new skills, create, discover and to share. Throughout the week participants are required to take a few hours just for themselves, away from usual stress, uncertainties, and routines.

Creativity is a Resource: and this course aims to create conditions in which you can find your own path to realize the plans and dreams you have, to nudge you towards what you really want, to refresh, to gain strength and to relieve you from daily stresses. Participants feel revitalized and learn many tools that can be used to continue their creative and personal journeys. It is possible, to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The course foundations are built upon research in positive psychology, creativity and cognitive science. The aim is to help you to find your passion and improve well-being.

This course might be for you if…

  • you feel like you could use a bit of time for yourself —
  • you feel like you’re always running somewhere and need to breathe —
  • you feel like you’re stuck and not sure where to go —
  • you are longing for more creativity and more inner freedom in your life–
  • you’re looking for yourself in the midst of the daily routines–
  • you wonder how to become more open to different opportunities and let them happen to you–
  • you need some time and space to nurture your creative potential–
  • you need to discover and recover your resource, or maybe you just need some energy to realize what you have in mind, but not really sure where to get it –
then this course can help you find answers to these questions.
Rediscovering yourself: creative flow as a resource | Finding your personal strength

Rediscovering yourself: creative flow as a resource | Finding your personal strength


This course is offered by Anna Sircova and Jennifer Bruder. We both have PhD’s in psychology where Anna is an expert in creative processes, well being, psychology of time and so much more. And Jennifer’s focus is in neuro-cognitive psychology and the creative brain.

You can read more about Anna at Creative Time Studio and you can read more about Jennifer at Brain Dialogues.

What will you need?

1) 30-60 personal minutes a day: just for you
2) a wish to push yourself to the next level of your personal journey
3) join this kick-off meeting

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Illustrations and design by Lauréline Gormsen Démonet

Rediscovering yourself: creating a “new me”. Illustration and design by Lauréline Gormsen Démonet

Course outline

‘Creative Flow as a Resource’ is a workshop series, and each workshop builds upon the one before. It is designed to take participants through a variety of stages of self-awareness and personal development using creative activities. Some of these activities are group based, and some are individual. There is also homework to bridge the days between the workshops and to emphasize the core concepts and values of creativity as a personal resource.

This means, that establishing creativity in your daily life is something that enhances your well-being and adds substantial meaning to your life. These are not our assumptions or ideas – we base our theory and our practice on concepts that are founded in scientific research.

The goal of the course is, ultimately, to develop your own personal version of the creative you and for you to be able to take what you learn and to apply it to your life in order to continue the growth and creative process long after the course is over.

As mentioned – there are so many activities! Some are strength building exercises, some will take you on your own personal ‘time traveling machine’, some discuss what might hold you back and explores those factors that you can use to bring you forward.

We write, we draw, we converse, we cut and paste and build.

This is the general idea of the course. Every time there are slightly different needs and resources available within the group. We develop the course with our general guidelines, but we maintain flexibility and an open-mind to adapt dynamically to the needs and desires of the current participants.

We would love to see you among the participants!