Finding Creative Flow

Creative Time Studio on the go – exploration of how ideas are born and take shape

Finding Creative Flow are workshops and retreats. Basically I invite you to join me into my creative process. It is an opportunity to join me on location and actively explore the area and yourself.

Finding Creative Flow – is a course on travelling through time and extending the now through drawing and writing – no special skill in either practice is required to be part of the course.

It is an active work space, dedicated to real-time creative activity to energize the observers and encourage a different take on problem-solving.

We will use our human instinct for storytelling as a means of transferring something from one person to another.

I would like to offer you:

  •     to see, hear, feel more and create more
  •     to find your own voice and vision
  •     to gain flexibility across different tasks and situations
  •     to find your personal resources
  •     to develop imagination and foster your dreams

I’m interested to know:

  •     how does the subjective time change?
  •     how come when we extend the now we tend to feel better and remember it better?
  •     how our autobiographical memory helps us to be more creative?
  •     how we can find an inner balance through creating connectedness between experiencing extended now, re-living some of the past events and imagining the future?

I am open both to individual inquiries and small groups up to 5-6 curious minds to join me on this journey.

We will do sketching and writing. You don’t have to be able to draw to join this workshop, but you must be willing to draw anyway. We will do mindfulness exercises. We will go on long walks in the surrounding area. We will sit silently in nature. We will observe sunrises or sunsets. We will actively explore the space around us, paying attention to small details, overall patterns and color change.

We will listen to the space around us and inside us and put it into words and images. We will be alone and we will be together.

Typical program of the day:

*exact time will vary depending on the location and season

** lunch or dinner will depend on the exact program of the day

  • meeting the sunrise
  • morning yoga (if you wish to)
  • breakfast
  • creative exploration of the area or creative day-time together
  • lunch
  • time to rest or creative day-time together or alone
  • dinner
  • creative evening-time together or seeing the sunset

Creative activities

Throughout the course we will explore variety of approaches to creativity. I have collected quite a ‘toolbox’ of different exercises that I will be happy to share with you:

  • mindfulness and observational exercises
  • sketching (nature, urban, people, objects, etc.)
  • writing short stories
  • exploring how the color works
  • cartooning
  • playing with lines, shapes and colors
  • collaging

Throughout the course you might hear me talk about different artists who inspire me, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Eduardo Chillida, Paul Klee, Sonia Delaunay, Nicholas Roerich and others. I might include some exercises into the program to introduce you to their art and you will be able to make your own art piece.

Finding Creative Flow is possible to join in:

Stavrianna Organic Farm, Diakopto, Greece: from May 6 to June 19, 2017

Kadaga, Latvia (private house 20km away from Riga): from July 1 to July 23, 2017

Tunisia (Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan) – dates to be confirmed (October / November 2017)

Nepal (Kathmandu, Tansen – with possibilities to organize the follow-up trekking trips in Annapurna region or Everest) – dates to be confirmed, December, 2017 – January, 2018

I am open to invitations to run the course at your location and would be happy to fine tune the course according to your needs.


The course fee: up to 5 days – 1800 dkk / 250 euro + VAT (25%)

Deposit of 500 dkk / 70 euro + VAT (25%)  is payable upon sign-up

The fee does not include transportation to the location, accommodation, meals or personal art supplies – however they can be organized if you wish. Contact me for more information.