Where is my time – course


Find your ‘lost’ time during this interactive course. Discover your personal attitudes towards time, how do you partition the flow of time into past, present and future, what is your individual focus and main temporal orientation. Explore how all of that influences your well-being and how to find the balance.

During the course you will be offered simple exercises that will help you to reflect on and explore your own temporal profile from various angles.

By taking this course you will become more aware of:

  • How you look at your own past, present and future;
  • How does this personal view on time impacts the actions you take in daily life and how you interact with your surroundings;
  • How do these different temporal frames impact your personal well-being and how you can improve it;
  • How can you strengthen the positive aspects of your temporal profile and
  • How to create more balance in your temporal profile, that will improve not only your personal well-being, but also will be beneficial for others around you across various daily-life situations.

Through the hands-on activities of the course you will learn about the field of Psychology of Time, and Time Perspective theory and approach in particular. The course will involve art-therapy and mindfulness techniques that tap into theories and approaches of Positive Psychology, and Personality and Individual Differences.


This is a 3 week course including four weekly meetings.

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  1. 30-60 personal minutes a day: just for you
  2. a wish to push yourself to the next level of your personal journey
  3. to join the kick-off meeting

Places are limited.

Cost: 2500 dkk

Tea, coffee, snacks and all creative supplies are provided.

The course is offered by Anna Sircova. Anna Sircova, PhD in Psychology, has over 15 years of research experience in exploring the concept of time. Passionate for cross-disciplinary approach, photography and other creative endeavors.