Creative Breaks: Amazing Things You Can Do in 20 Minutes

This course aims to teach you to take creative breaks from whatever you’re doing, which help to stop, take a pause, to switch to a different activity or task. These breaks will help you to actually be more concentrated on your main activity, to help you to deliver a high quality product (whatever it might be: designing a course, organizing a conference, developing an app, writing a book, etc.).

My aim in this course is two-fold. Firstly, to show you the benefits of these type of breaks. They give you an opportunity to zoom out from the situation, have an overarching view on it and stop being in reactive mode, but rather switch gears into proactive mode. Secondly, to show you what are you capable of doing in just 20 minutes. Sometimes we think that in order to be creative we need a lot of time and resources. But in reality you don’t. Creativity actually thrives when there are limits, borders and frameworks. Creativity is born on the edge of those borders. And you don’t have to go to art school in order to be creative in your daily life.

Taking such an intensive 2-3 days course will not drastically change your life, of course, but I will give you tools how to bring in creativity into your daily work and life, which will also improve your well-being and help you to remain on the top of things.

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