Twists and Turns

Experiential six-day workshop

Twists and Turns in Personal and Family Life Stories

Characters Responses and Writer Choices

Recent years are associated with events that are unlike what we or the previous generations have experienced. We have to make decisions that affect our own life perspective, and perhaps the future of the next generations.

June 27 – July 2, 2023

Zachloritika, Greece

We believe it is important to explore:

  • How events and choices that we and our relatives made in the course of family history impact ow own values and life perspective.
  • What life twists and turns our families experienced in previous generations, how they made decisions, what values ​​and ideas they relied on, where have they led their children.
  • Connections with our own personal life story, our own choices and decisions about profession(s), career(s), partner(s), perhaps changing countries, etc.
  • How this can help to better listen to ourselves, see the social context – and make decisions in our present.

You are invited to:

  • experience an amazing place, beautiful, calm and hospitable
  • visit Stavrianna Farm close to the Corinthian Gulf
  • share your stories
  • find your inner creative
  • gain unique experience
  • learn about methods of transgenerational family therapy, existential analysis and art-therapy
  • be on the lookout for metaphors for reflection
  • travel on a mountain train
  • hike
  • explore Greek cuisine
  • and much more!


Ekaterina Zhuikova
Clinical Psychologist, Family and Child Psychotherapist

With 20 years of experience in counseling, focusing on the study of the influence of family history on actual life patterns, intercultural context in human life.

Works in charitable foundations with people whose stories have been significantly distorted in the course of development – adopted children and people who have lost contact with loved ones. Provides support for specialists (psychologists and social educators) during supervision. Based in Nafplio, Greece.

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Anna Sircova, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Existential Analysis and Logotherapy

Founder of Creative Time Studio, with over 20 years of research experience in exploring the concept of time. Passionate for cross-disciplinary approach, visual arts and other creative endeavors.

TEDx speaker, expert in creative processes, well-being, psychology of time, futurization and so much more. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Where we will be

Our unique course is held in the heartwarming and hospitable Stavrianna Farm, only 15 minute walk away from the Corinthian Gulf, provider of unique colors during sunrises and sunsets. In the heart of the a charming Greek village, Zachloritika, on the shores of the Ionian Sea on the Peloponnese peninsula and only two hours away by public transport from Athens.

Form of the Course

Every day we will meet twice as a group.

In the morning – to gain experience and to participate in various activities to search of metaphors for reflection (travel on a mountain train, hiking, exploring Greek cuisine and much more), and in the evening – for a group work using methods of transgenerational family therapy, existential analysis and art-therapy.

The course will contain a mixture of various experiential activities, short theoretical and methodical presentations, examples, demonstrations and exercises in plenary and small groups. You must be prepared for an active course with the opportunity to contribute with your own experiences and examples.


This course is aimed at psychologists, psychotherapists and other professionals who work with interviews, counseling and development.

If you’re interested in the course, but in doubt if it is for you – please contact us.

Stavrianna Farm and the area

When the owners, Stavros and Anna, got married they had a common dream to create their own paradise in a countryside, to cultivate own all natural vegetables, to pick all kinds of fruits directly from the trees, to grow domestic animals and to have beautiful flower gardens. Their dream became true in 1990 and now, that they are retired, they offer us to be part of their dream.

Stavrianna farm is just 15 minute walk from the beach, 30 minute walk away from the mountain hiking trails, located in the heart of the a charming Greek village and just 2 hours by public transport from Athens.

The village has a grocery store, 2 coffee shops, and 5 restaurants on the nearby beach. Within 5 minute drive or 15 minute bike ride you are in the town of Diakopto, which has 2 pharmacies, many shops, and a doctor. There are many coffee shops, restaurants, and souvlaki places. There is the train station for the famous Odontotos Rack Train. The train track was built 120 years ago and it was a technological achievement of its time. As part of our course we will take the train to the the famous town of Kalavrita. It is an one hour ride that will take us through the unique Vouraikos gorge with many bridges, tunnels, and waterfalls. Have you camera ready for extraordinary pictures or train your visual memory for sketching afterwards!

Within 6 km there are five beautiful beaches with many restaurants and beach bars that offer umbrellas at no additional cost. The closest one is Eleonas only 1.5 km away, 15 minutes by foot or 5-7 minutes by bike.

Within 10 km there four local wineries that you can visit for wine tasting of unique in the world local varieties: Roditis, Mavro Kalavritino, Malagousia, Mavrodafni, Retsina, Agiorgitiko just to name a few. The wineries are Tetramythos, Oinoforos, Cavino, Acheon Winery. Vines were cultivated here more than 3000 years.

Where to Stay

There are various types of accommodation available in the area:

Hotel Afrika

Hotel Semantron

Mini-hotel on the seaside in Eleonas: Dimitropoulos Apartments

Olive Tree Suites

Search for places to stay on AirBnb using the following locations: Zachloritika or Eleonas. Diakopto is also an option – it is a bit further away from our base, Stavrianna Farm.

How to get to Stavrianna

From Athens airport by train

From Athens city by train or bus

By car

Transfer possibilities