What Am I Working On Now – Spring 2023

This spring is quite eventful!

Hosting Events at Creative Time Studio

February 20 & 21 we were lucky to have Ekaterina Zhuikova with the workshop on genogram method – exploring family history, learning about ancestors, relationships, and mechanisms of transferring family patterns.

April 22 workshop Reducing anxiety and depression symptoms: self-care strategies together with Zuzanna Gruszczyńska

April 24 workshop on Saying ‘Yes’ to Life Despite the Dark Future – as a follow-up on the recent session on environmental depression and climate anxiety combined with my exploration of images of the future.

May (exact date to be confirmed) – visit to the Solbjerg Park Cemetery together with the guide, Peter Hyldekjaer, a retired librarian, and a discussion afterwards.

June 27 to July 2 – Creative Time Studio on the go – Twists & Turns event in Greece – registration is open and there is an early bird price till mid April.

There might be more events – keep an eye on the schedule!

Academic visits in India in March

Most of March I am travelling in India and delivering talks and workshops at various universities. I am very much looking forward to this trip! You can follow LinkedIn or Facebook page and in case you are in India at the time, do let me know! It would be wonderful to connect there! If you know some people I should connect while there – please let me know as well!

I will be in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Academic visit in Istanbul, Turkey in March

March 23 – workshop on Future of Tourism and Travel: Sustainability Aspects at Boğaziçi Üniversitesi.

Participating in Danish Research Festival, 21-28 April

Some of my workshops and talks are available through “Book the Scientist” program – your organization can book those until March 27: Where Is My Time? and Creating Safe Spaces and Engaging with the Scary Future

Presenting at the 3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy, 3-7 May, Athens

“Finding a personal response to global challenges” – project presentation together with Zoe Ilic


This Spring semester I am teaching on:

  • Varieties of Temporal Experiences
  • Likes and Dislikes Workshop: An Existential Analysis Approach. Uncovering our Values Existentially.
  • Introduction to Art-Therapy
  • Psychological Time & Well-Being
  • How we and the environment benefit from reflecting on time perspectives?
  • Finding ways to engage with the dark future

Do any of the topics sound interesting and you would like to run it in your organization – please reach out!


I continue learning more about Existential Analysis & Logotherapy. This spring our cohort has two final modules: February and May. However, we are already planning some special seminars for the fall.

Running my private psychotherapy practice in Copenhagen

I specialize in transitions and endings, psychology of time and Balanced Time Perspective coaching and existential questions. I work in English and Russian, both in-person and online. I work with individuals and couples. Currently, I also work Pro Bono with people affected by the war in Ukraine. I have some availability – feel free to reach out

Where is My Time Workshop for the Danish Court Administration | April 2018

It was super exciting to have been invited by the Danish Court Administration | Danmark Domstole Domstolsstyrelsen to run my “Where is My Time?” workshop as part of the Danish Research Festival. It is a teaser, 2 hour workshop. It won’t allow for new skills to be developed, but it is enough time to have some reflections over how we see and operate in time.

It was a great workshop, many interested and engaged people took part in it!

If you’re interested to run this workshop at your workplace or interested to take the full course – feel free to get in touch!

Time Perspective Network — April updates

What are we working on during April and some other news from the International Time Perspective Network

We have largely finalized the reviews of the submissions for our 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective: Celebrating Time to be held in August 2016 in Copenhagen.  – there are a few things still in progress due to the technical issues we have experienced. We hope that by now all who submitted a proposal have received the confirmation. We will really appreciate if the fees are paid by the end of April. Our budget is very modest and we rely on your contributions in order to proceed further.
We are in the process of developing the draft program. We aim to have it by the end of the month. In order to facilitate the process we invite everyone to register on Conferize platform – so that we can add everyone to the schedule: http://www.tpcph2016.com/schedule – you will receive an invitation. We decided to use this platform for a few reasons – it will allow for all the content of the event to stay long after the conference is over, which was not the case with the two previous events unfortunately. It will also ease the communication between the Network members, share the presentations and much more.
We are still looking for strategic partners and sponsors for our event in Copenhagen – please give us a had with this. We believe that we have developed a truly unique concept for our next meeting and we just need some extra financial help in order to fully realize our vision. We are working hard on securing additional funding here in Copenhagen – we have already applied for numerous foundations (public and private), but the first answers will come only in the end of May – June.

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Participating in the Danish Research Festival

In the week 17, or from April 25 to May 1, there will be Danish Research Festival running across the country and this year I’ll be part of it!

The organizers say that “the festival programme has about 500 different events in more than 100 cities all over the country and every year more than 65,000 guests visit the festival.” It is ran every year and it is organized by Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

It seems like the main idea of the Festival is to bring science closer to general public. Sounds like fun! I’ll be exploring different events during the week and will keep you updated on my favorites from the proposed programme.

If you are in Copenhagen and you’re interested in psychology of time, please join me!

Psychology of time: Before, after and in-between

April 28th, 19:00 to 21:00 at Rantzausgade 34

Please register here, since the places are limited.

This talk aims to introduce you to the exciting topic of psychological time.

The different roles time plays in our everyday life, how it impacts what we do and how, how the tempo of a city has an impact of our health and how to find a temporal balance will be explored during the talk.

We will also talk about temporal aspects of groups and cultures and how those influence cross-cultural communication and sustainability issues.


Creative flow as a resource

May 1st, 12:00 to 14:00 at Rantzausgade 34

Please register here, since the places are limited.

This workshop is designed to serve as a window into a different reality, a few hours just for yourself, away from usual stress, uncertainties and routines. An opportunity to zoom out, to do something different or something long forgotten, but enjoyable and invigorating.

It is time to get together with your inner creative and a few other like minded people and do something fun and inspiring.

It is time to take a break, breathe, be with yourself and dissolve in your dreams and then continue with new energy and focus.

It is time to stop waiting for the muse, we’ll start without her, but she’ll join us anyway.

It is time to create and discover!