Book of Memory: Riga Chapter

Memory: the space in which a thing happens for the second time.

~ Paul Auster
The Book of Memory


Back in February 2017 I was reading Paul Aster’s: The Book of Memory and many things there have triggered my own memories and interpretations. Somehow it really triggered particular memories from one of the places we used to live in Riga. Maybe because it was the longest time ever I lived in one place without moving – for 15 years we managed to stay in one place. Otherwise it was and still is a constant change.

Memory as a room…

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A balanced time perspective and finding fulfilling work

As Abraham Maslow famously noted, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – I study time perspective and I see traces of it almost everywhere. Here are some of my time perspectively infused notes while reading “How to find fulfilling work” by Roman Krznaric.

“We are not psychologically ready to deal with the expansion of choice in recent history”

While discussing his concept of ‘hardiness’ Salvatore Maddi notes: When choosing a future, or unfamiliar path, over repeating a past, something familiar and convenient, it is most consistent with our pursuit to elaborate life’s meaning (and finding a fulfilling work), but it also brings ontological anxiety – the fear of uncertainty and possible failure:

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6 countries, 11 cities, 20 addresses

Did the calculations the other day – some random facts in my biography – listed all the places that I have lived, well, the ones that I could remember, and that’s what came about: 6 countries, 11 cities, 20 addresses…

“Places I’ve done time”, as William Saroyan puts it.. So here are my places, where I have done some time:

  1. Latvia: Riga (4 addresses), Kesterciems, Jurmala, Kadaga
  2. USA: Moses Lake, WA; San Jose area, CA (2 addresses)
  3. Russia: Chelyabinsk, Moscow (5 addresses)
  4. Spain: Granada
  5. Sweden: Umeå (2 addresses)
  6. Denmark: Copenhagen

I keep on thinking it would be nice to finalize some of my photo projects that are linked to those places. One day.. One day..

It actually feels a bit strange that it’s been 3,5 years now and I haven’t moved anywhere… I have to move my studio by April 1 though, but that’s a different story…