Creative Rendezvous with Kandinsky

This Sunday, March 11, 12.00-15.00 I’m hosting a Creative Rendezvous session where we will be discovering fascinating world of Wassily Kandinsky.

Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian painter, graphic artist and art theorist. It would not be an underestimated statement to call him the Father of abstract modern art. During the workshop I will concentrate on a few aspects of his creative process. Besides his work in visual arts, he had a passion for music, poetry and theater. He himself played the piano and the cello, wrote verses and scripts.

We will look into some of his work where he connected visual and audio modes, we will discuss the process of seeing sounds, the synesthesia. We will talk about his work with Schoenberg. We will see some bits of the Kandinsky’s performance Pictures at an Exhibition – a music piece by Mussorgsky, which was created under a strong impression of the Viktor Hartmann’s exhibition. This constant dialogue between the different artistic domains is what interests me the most. This inner connection and cross-inspiration. That is what I would like to explore more during the workshop. As the culmination of this, we will touch upon Kandinsky’s Synthesis of Arts and performance The Yellow Sound.

After this introduction I will propose a few exercises where we will be interpreting different sounds and music using our own impressions, envisioned colors and forms.

Really looking forward to bring in the music and colors together with you in some kind of unity and boosting your creative energy this spring!

Warm welcome!

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Creative Rendezvous workshops – Spring 2018

Happy to announce the new series of Creative Rendezvous workshops this spring. Will be looking forward to seeing you and being creative together!

Indulge your inner artist

These 2-3 hour workshops are designed to serve as a window into a different reality, a few hours just for yourself, away from usual stress, uncertainties, routines and give you an opportunity to zoom out, to do something different or something long forgotten, but enjoyable and invigorating.

We will experiment with color, create our own tribal patterns, explore positive and negative spaces, make collages, encode music in visual forms, etc. We will make art like Wassily Kandinsky, Eduardo Chillida and Sonia Delaunay among others.

I would like to offer you:

  • time to get together with your inner creative and a few other like minded people and do something fun and inspiring
  • time to discover some of your hidden talents, get in touch with your inner Kandinsky or maybe Hemingway..
  • time to get into the creative flow and extend the present moment
  • time to take a break, breathe, be with yourself and dissolve in your dreams and then continue with new energy and focus

Creative Rendezvous is the time for you!

It is the time to create and discover!

These workshops are a wild mix of art-history, making art, mindfulness techniques, theories and approaches of positive psychology, personality psychology and creativity development.

The next scheduled session you can see in the bottom of the page – in the Eventbrite schedule. Please register in good time – places are limited: maximum 10 participants.

All materials are provided. No previous knowledge in any of the techniques or mediums is needed.

Tea, coffee and snack is offered during the workshop.

Workshops will be held at our new creative space, at Rhizom Gallery at Bregnerødgade 10, Copenhagen, Denmark 2200

Want to stay sane when working on a big project – take creative breaks

I’m currently super busy with preparing the conference and festival about the concept of time: Celebrating Time. There are all sorts of things that need to be taken care of in various directions. It’s easy to get side tracked, or burnout. Therefore to keep myself focused, and at the same time to give myself time to recover I am taking breaks. After unsuccessful attempt to find a tango partner or kayaking partner, I’ve settled with an online drawing course: Ethno Fun.

Maria, the author of the course, sends me an email once a week with the description of the lesson and plenty of photos that illustrate it. By today I’ve received five lessons, but was able to work on three of those and still haven’t completed the third lesson fully. However, it’s very rewarding. It has been a while since I held a paint brush in my hand and I haven’t really worked with watercolors earlier either. It has been a journey full with different discoveries.

Besides the standard watercolors, we are using tea and coffee as paints and all sorts of natural materials as a ‘brush’, such as feathers, sticks, toothpicks, leaves, ropes, and etc. I’m gradually getting more different brushes and markers and am getting better at using them, well at least that what I think…

Here you can see some of my work that was born during this course, which helps me to unwind and switch off and then to be fresh again.

Lesson 1: Creating the universe and planets


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