“What is time?”

You wake up to discover a knock at your door. A wealthy uncle you barely knew has passed and left you a fortune. It’s more than enough to live out your days in glorious splendor, but there is a condition. To be eligible to collect, you must commit your full-time working energies to the pursuit of an answer to a single question of your choosing for the next 12 months.

You are welcome to continue that pursuit after the year ends, for years or decades if it warrants, but you must remain fully focused on seeking the answer until the last minute of the 365th day. A minute shorter, the entire inheritance goes to your annoying and equally long lost cousin, Philly.

What is your question?


My question that I’m going to work on through out 2016 is “What is time?”. The upcoming year is going to have “time” as a red thread.


As a co-founder of International Time Perspective Network I’m organizing Celebrating Time conference and festival in Copenhagen in August 2016. And everyone is welcome!


In the fall semester I’m going to teach a course “Psychology of Time” at DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia. And I’m really looking forward to that!

Very recently I have started “Creative Time Studio” where I aim to use time creatively, to shape time to create and to discover. I will continue my exploration of the relation between creativity and the limited time. Some of it I am offering as a course on Creative Breaks:


I will continue to work on our International Time Perspective Network’s online journal Time Talks:

And in January I will be launching Temporal Matters Salon in collaboration with Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism. It will be a series of talks and workshops on time, temporality, city life, urbanism and co-creation. Join us for a cup of coffee and a chat about time!

Temporal Matters Salon