Invitation to ZTPI cross-cultural research project

It has been a great pleasure to meet some people from the Network this September in Coimbra and got to know about the research you’re doing with the ZTPI scale! Many of you know that we have started our joint cross-cultural project in 2008 and at the moment we have 24 countries participating in it.

We have an opportunity at the moment to include new collaborators into the project. If you have validated (or used) ZTPI (the full scale of 56 items) in your country and you’re still not part of our project, we’d really would love to hear from you!

We established equivalence for the five-factor structure and invariance of 36 items of the scale. On the next stage of the project we aim to make cross-cultural comparisons of time perspectives and relate them to the variety of socio-economic indicators (such as, Human Development Index, Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture, etc.). The project in general is coordinated by me, Anna Sircova, Nicolas Fieulaine (Lyon University), Evgeny Osin (HSE, Russia), Taciano Milfont (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Altinay Erginbilgic (Canada) and is supervised by prof. Zimbardo (Stanford University) and prof. van de Vijver (Tilburg University).

Please contact me, Evgeny or Nicolas before end of November 2012 if you’re interested to take part in this exciting endeavor!

Please contact me for more detailed info, guidelines for the data presentation and the agreement between collaborators in this project.

We would like to have the data in our proposed format by the end of the year, end of December 2012.

We didn’t have the pleasure to meet everyone personally yet, and unfortunately our website – where you could find some information about us and our projects and activities is still down (someone has hacked it and we are still working on restoring it – we’d love to hear from you if you know how to fix it and make it alive again!!!). However, you can still visit the conference website.

We also have a mailing list for people working in the field of TP – please let me know if you’d like to join it and if you’re not still in it!

We also would like to invite you to our next TP Conference which will take place in 2014 in Poland – more information will come in due time, but mark your calendars! : )

Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best regards and great interest,