What Am I Working On Now – Spring 2023

This spring is quite eventful!

Hosting Events at Creative Time Studio

February 20 & 21 we were lucky to have Ekaterina Zhuikova with the workshop on genogram method – exploring family history, learning about ancestors, relationships, and mechanisms of transferring family patterns.

April 22 workshop Reducing anxiety and depression symptoms: self-care strategies together with Zuzanna Gruszczyńska

April 24 workshop on Saying ‘Yes’ to Life Despite the Dark Future – as a follow-up on the recent session on environmental depression and climate anxiety combined with my exploration of images of the future.

May (exact date to be confirmed) – visit to the Solbjerg Park Cemetery together with the guide, Peter Hyldekjaer, a retired librarian, and a discussion afterwards.

June 27 to July 2 – Creative Time Studio on the go – Twists & Turns event in Greece – registration is open and there is an early bird price till mid April.

There might be more events – keep an eye on the schedule!

Academic visits in India in March

Most of March I am travelling in India and delivering talks and workshops at various universities. I am very much looking forward to this trip! You can follow LinkedIn or Facebook page and in case you are in India at the time, do let me know! It would be wonderful to connect there! If you know some people I should connect while there – please let me know as well!

I will be in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Academic visit in Istanbul, Turkey in March

March 23 – workshop on Future of Tourism and Travel: Sustainability Aspects at Boğaziçi Üniversitesi.

Participating in Danish Research Festival, 21-28 April

Some of my workshops and talks are available through “Book the Scientist” program – your organization can book those until March 27: Where Is My Time? and Creating Safe Spaces and Engaging with the Scary Future

Presenting at the 3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy, 3-7 May, Athens

“Finding a personal response to global challenges” – project presentation together with Zoe Ilic


This Spring semester I am teaching on:

  • Varieties of Temporal Experiences
  • Likes and Dislikes Workshop: An Existential Analysis Approach. Uncovering our Values Existentially.
  • Introduction to Art-Therapy
  • Psychological Time & Well-Being
  • How we and the environment benefit from reflecting on time perspectives?
  • Finding ways to engage with the dark future

Do any of the topics sound interesting and you would like to run it in your organization – please reach out!


I continue learning more about Existential Analysis & Logotherapy. This spring our cohort has two final modules: February and May. However, we are already planning some special seminars for the fall.

Running my private psychotherapy practice in Copenhagen

I specialize in transitions and endings, psychology of time and Balanced Time Perspective coaching and existential questions. I work in English and Russian, both in-person and online. I work with individuals and couples. Currently, I also work Pro Bono with people affected by the war in Ukraine. I have some availability – feel free to reach out

What Am I Reading Now – February 2022

I often read a few things in parallel. Currently it is:

  • Irvin D. Yalom & Ginny Elkin: Every Day Gets a Little Closer: A Twice-Told Therapy – an interesting account of therapy sessions recollected both by the therapist and the client. I’m about 1/3 through with the book. Reads easy, but I have to make stops to process the process that is happening there. Yalom has been always associating first with the existential therapy for me.
  • Oliver Sacks: Awakenings – collection of cases of how people who were victims of the 1920s encephalitis lethargica epidemic were treated with the new drug at the time – L-DOPA. Gives an insight about the specifics of the perception of time among people with Parkinsonism and many other things.
  • Michel Foucault: Maladie mentale et personnalité – I’m reading it in Russian. But interestingly intersects with what Oliver Sacks writes about the influence of the institution on the personality. I’m half way through the book and made quite a few notes, and also noted quite a few other books that I would like to read. One of them has already arrived: R.D.Laing: The Divided Self.
  • M.I.Finley: The World of Odysseus – I’ve been always fascinated by the ancient history, but also the adventure novels – I’ve read Homer’s Odyssey, and then R.Halliburton’s The Glorious Adventure – an almost contemporary try to revisit all the places Odyssey went. Am curious to see what the historian will tell me about it.
  • Henry H. Hart: Venetian Adventurer: Being an Account of the Life and Times and of the Book of Messer Marco Polo – reading it in Russian. Another interesting travelling around character and the world around him 🙂

Books in my life