What I am Working On Now – July 2017

Most of July 2017 I am based in our Latvian countryside house nearby Kadaga / Adazi.

This month is dedicated to regaining my own balance, reconnecting with my own past, clearing out old books and papers, exploring my family roots and mental traveling through time…

There is a possibility to join me for Finding Creative Flow sessionscontact me for more information.

As a follow-up to the Time Perspective Network meeting in Potsdam, I’m collaborating with Marc Wittmann on a paper: Orientation to the present and future and its role in pro-environmental behaviour and sustainability.

I’m continuing to work on the #100daysofinnerart project, which I have decided to exhibit during the art festival in Tunisia later this August.

I’m taking more visual notes while on location for my Book of Memory: Riga Chapter project – follow along: #bookofmemoryrigachapter

I’m coming back to the idea of creating something out of my father’s music collection of over 4000 tapes and various other objects from the Soviet times – Blast from the Past. Contact me if you have any ideas or museums that might be interested in this!

Working on the second leg of the Indvielsen project – stay tuned to see the new portraits!

End of July – beginning of August, I’m traveling with my mom to her home town – Chelyabinsk, Russia – to spend some time with my aunts and cousins and their kids.

How do I manage all of the above and a few things that were left out? I love working with my version of the bullet journal and I also follow my own medicine regarding taking the creative breaks.

I am available for giving workshops on how to deal with culture shock and using creativity as a resource. I would be thrilled to develop a tailored talk / workshop regarding time, creativity and your field of interest.

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Doing time in Saint Petersburg

Exciting news – I am going to make it to the Psychology of the XXI Century Conference in St. Petersburg next week! In case you are around – do let me know! I will be so happy to catch up!

The Conference will run between April 19 and April 21. I am invited to host a round table and talk about our International Time Perspective Network and time perspective research.

I do hope that I will have a bit of time to revisit the city. I haven’t been there since 2003. I’m pretty sure there have been many changes. I’m looking forward to this adventure!


Очень все неожиданно произошло, но все успели – побегать и понервничать пришлось, как в былые времена, но приглашение в итоге удалось получить, визу оформить, билеты были куплены – так что вылетаю в понедельник в Санкт-Петербург. Буду рада встречам!