Learn Do Share – Copenhagen 2015

I’m happy to be part of the Lear Do Share event in Copenhagen this year. It is organized by Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism. You can find more information about the event here. It lasts three days: from August 27 to August 29 with the overall theme of Smart Citizens.

Julien Daniel and I are going to lead a workshop on the Day 2: Co.Creative Tactical Day on Social Dilemmas and Smart Citizens.

Join us on August 28 at 15.00 and let’s explore together the following issues:

How do we manage limited resources? Why do we often irrationally act based on our self-interests although it may threaten the long-term survival of the whole group? Why don’t we behave sustainable or environmentally responsible? How do the personal attitudes towards time play a role in this? How to promote cooperation among different stakeholders?
We are going to explore these questions in a role-play game during the workshop and hopefully collaboratively discover some answers to them.

Participation is free, but places are limited! Please sign up on eventbrite.