6 countries, 11 cities, 20 addresses

Did the calculations the other day – some random facts in my biography – listed all the places that I have lived, well, the ones that I could remember, and that’s what came about: 6 countries, 11 cities, 20 addresses…

“Places I’ve done time”, as William Saroyan puts it.. So here are my places, where I have done some time:

  1. Latvia: Riga (4 addresses), Kesterciems, Jurmala, Kadaga
  2. USA: Moses Lake, WA; San Jose area, CA (2 addresses)
  3. Russia: Chelyabinsk, Moscow (5 addresses)
  4. Spain: Granada
  5. Sweden: Umeå (2 addresses)
  6. Denmark: Copenhagen

I keep on thinking it would be nice to finalize some of my photo projects that are linked to those places. One day.. One day..

It actually feels a bit strange that it’s been 3,5 years now and I haven’t moved anywhere… I have to move my studio by April 1 though, but that’s a different story…

3 thoughts on “6 countries, 11 cities, 20 addresses

  1. Victor Ortuño says:

    Ahahaahahhahah, wonderful idea Anna.

    Allow me to share with you my own places (my personal space-time):

    1. Venezuela: Guacara (2 addresses), San Joaquin
    2. Portugal: Faro (6 addresses), Porto (3 addresses), Coimbra, Lisbon

    And in a few months I’m making changes again =)


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  2. Wessel says:

    Well.. so much for the globe-trotter in me.
    1. The Netherlands: Veenendaal (2), Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Veenendaal (2)
    That’s just 7 and I live in the town where I was born. And according to my mortgage, I will live here for a while 🙂

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