Urban Sketching Walk in Riga

While in Riga I managed to join the Urban Sketching Summer School, however, only during one evening. It was great to finally meet Rudy Murdock from Indonesia, who was one of the mentors.

anna-sircova-urbansketching-riga - 2

It was nice to see all the different styles that people use when sketching and it was fun to try new instruments as well – Rudy brought some sticks from Indonesia to use with the ink.

I really enjoyed those – they are carved unevenly and therefore they give different thickness to the line and thus while using them there is always room for some happy and funny accidents on paper. It was very inspiring also to see the real ink on paper. Although most of the time I use close to fountain pen with ink, but there is no substitute to real ink! I loved it and I think I’ll be using it more! Time to go to the woods and find some oak sticks!


What I am Working On Now – June 2017

Most of June 2017 I am based in the Stavrianna organic farm nearby Diakopto, Greece.

Here I am:
– hosting my new course Finding Creative Flow through Sketching and Writing – there are still a few spots left for the session starting on June 11 – contact me for more info
– sketching daily
– doing yoga every morning
– meditating
– going for bike rides around the area, location scouting for best points to see the sunrise or sunset, exploring the nearby villages and beaches
– enjoying the locally grown organic vegetables and fruits and other local delicacies

– struggling to make a sound on my Turkish flute

– getting better at working with aquarelles – I have decided to join the 100 days project with #100daysofinnerart – where I observe what catches my attention on a particular day and how exactly do I feel that day and transform that into abstract paintings. it is interesting to observe the results so far – the choice of color palette and the brush used changes every time.

– planning the new sessions of Creativity as a Resource course and Creative Rendezvous sessions back in Copenhagen to start in autumn – sign up for the mailing list to keep up with the news and not to miss special offers.

– working on the second leg of the Indvielsen project – stay tuned to see the new portraits!

Towards the end of June am invited to host a session “Individual differences in time perspective and sustainable behavior: Game and debate” during the mini symposium “Thinking the present and the future – Psychological insights on the role of subjective time.” at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V., Potsdam, Germany, 22.6.2017.

How do I manage all of the above and a few things that were left out? I love working with my version of the bullet journal and I also follow my own medicine regarding taking the creative breaks.

I am available for giving workshops on how to deal with culture shock and using creativity as a resource. I would be thrilled to develop a tailored talk / workshop regarding time, creativity and your field of interest.

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