Rediscovering yourself: creative flow as a resource

After many years of being in-between the research and creative activities that I do, I have decided to try to blend them in together. And thus the Creative Time Studio was born. I’m not completely sure which direction it will go and which direction it will take me, but I would like to combine what I theoretically know about psychology of time and what I learned by doing all sorts of creative activities (photography, ceramics, mosaics, playing some instruments, my interest in arts – history of arts, visual arts, theater, architecture, and many others). I’m grateful to Maria Vegesh, who organized an online course where we followed Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” – it gave me courage to try out a few things on my own and start the group – Rediscovering yourself: Creative flow as a resource.

We had a kick-off meeting today, November 1st, but there is still an opportunity to join in if you think it is something for you. The course is designed for 8 weeks. More information about the course is here.

Please get in touch if you would like to join the group.


Learn Do Share – Copenhagen 2015

I’m happy to be part of the Lear Do Share event in Copenhagen this year. It is organized by Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism. You can find more information about the event here. It lasts three days: from August 27 to August 29 with the overall theme of Smart Citizens.

Julien Daniel and I are going to lead a workshop on the Day 2: Co.Creative Tactical Day on Social Dilemmas and Smart Citizens.

Join us on August 28 at 15.00 and let’s explore together the following issues:

How do we manage limited resources? Why do we often irrationally act based on our self-interests although it may threaten the long-term survival of the whole group? Why don’t we behave sustainable or environmentally responsible? How do the personal attitudes towards time play a role in this? How to promote cooperation among different stakeholders?
We are going to explore these questions in a role-play game during the workshop and hopefully collaboratively discover some answers to them.

Participation is free, but places are limited! Please sign up on eventbrite.