Want to pursue your dream job – Denmark is a place to be

Half the workforce in the western world is dissatisfied with their careers, but around a quarter of them are too afraid to make any change, trapped by their fears and lack of self-confidence – says Roman Krznaric in his book “How to find fulfilling work”.

I looked up the research he was citing and found out some curious facts about Denmark in regards job satisfaction (in 2007 though.. I wonder how is the current situation?):

When it comes to realising your workplace aspirations and making the most of your potential, it pays to be Danish. The Danes stood out in the research as overwhelmingly contented with their lot. Most respondents clearly felt they have found their niche:

  • Nearly 90% feel their current career matches their aspirations.
  • Two in three Danes believe their previous roles have suited them too – more than any other country.
  • Nearly three in four believe they are making the most of their strengths in their current role.

The Danes express satisfaction in spite of the fact that just a small number have pursued their dream career – less than one in ten. Nearly half would take a different path a second time around.

Clearly, more effective development of their employees by Danish organisations has some bearing on their levels of job satisfaction:

  • Nearly three quarters of Danes believe their employers know their strengths.
  • The Danes were most likely to confirm that employers are helping them realise their potential.