100 days of celebrating time

I’ve joined THE100DAYPROJECT started by Elle Luna:


As proposed by the rules, I chose my own action – which will be celebrating time as a way to follow up my quest2016 answer to a prompt what would be question of main focus for the year – “What is time?”. And my unique hashtag will be #100daysofcelebratingtime. I though it will be also fun to keep track of all the different projects that I’m working on now.

And here my first 10 days of 100 days of celebrating time. Follow me on Instagram and join the fun with your 100 day project!

Day 1/100 – time to travel, time to observe


Day 2/100 – time for research – listening to Lika Mikeladze presenting at the St.Petersburg conference for young researchers about time perspective and ageing


Day 3/100 – time to walk, time to observe


Day 4 / 100 – time for myself, time for opera


Day 5/100 – time to be together with relatives, time for a bike trip, time to observe


Day 6 / 100 – time for research, time for Danish Research Festival opening, almost meeting the HRH Princess Mary, time for being happy for fellow psychologist for getting the prize for best communication


Day 7/100 – time to create, time to make portrait shoot of a friend


Day 8/100 – time for research, time for making new issues of Time Talks live


Day 9/100 – time for research, time to present at the Danish Research Festival, time to talk about psychology of time


Day 10/100 – time to design, time to create – designing an ad for the SCENARIO Magazine for our Celebrating Time conference and festival



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