Trip to Tunisia – March 2017

My field study trip to Tunisia was very inspiring and full of unexpected discoveries. What struck me the most was the light – it is something very special there. The sky seems to be so high and the light is amazing. It’s hard to explain what is it exactly about it. So if you’re curious, I just invite you to visit Tunisia and see and experience it yourself.

I am considering to organize a Finding Creative Flow – a sketching and writing trip to Tunisia later on this year, possibly in October – November. Join my Newsletter to get the first notification about it.

I was happy to study a bit before the trip about the journey that  Paul Klee and August Macke took in Tunisia back in 1914. It gave me a few hints what to look for and where.

I have visited Testour and saw the clock that goes backwards. Spent a memorable day in Dougga exploring the Phoenician and Roman architecture. The way they built houses, streets, baths, and of course, the mosaics.

I had a very short trip a bit more south from the capital. A day in Sousse, visiting the archeological museum and wandering around medina.

The highlight of the trip was also a half day visit in Kairouan. That is the place where the time has stopped. Friday morning, when city is half closed due to the prayer and seeing it becoming more alive and populated towards the late afternoon was something very special. Wandering around the maze of the medina, absorbing its white, yellow and blue.. A place I really want to come back and spend more time exploring, sketching, breathing it in..

Back in the capital, Tunis, I was invited to visit an exhibition opening at Galerie Saladin: La Femme a La Rose by Hassen Soufy.

Hassen Soufy is a very prominent Tunisian artist, who also was the decorator and Head in productions for such film projects as Indiana Jones by Steven Spielberg and Star Wars by George Lucas. I was very humbled to have the opportunity to see his art and meet him in person.

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