Typical Week at Stavrianna Organic Farm

Finding Creative Flow course in June 2017 is taking place at Stavrianna organic farm, nearby Diakopto in Greece. When Stavrianna’s owners, Stavros and Anna, got married they we had a common dream to create their own paradise in a countryside, to cultivate own all natural vegetables, to pick all kinds of fruits directly from the trees, to grow domestic animals and to have beautiful flower gardens. Their dream became true in 1990 and now, that they are retired, they offer us to be part of their dream.

With this post I would like to give you a taste of our life here, at Stavrianna organic farm. Contact me if you would like to join us – there are still some opportunities!


The days starts with the sunrise. I go around on the bike to different places and observe the morning colors and collect them in my sketchbook.

At around 8am – it’s yoga time.

Greece-morning-yoga-anna-sircova - 1

After that we are having a “little something” for breakfast, as Anna, the owner of the farm says. Fruit salad with the fruits of the season that are coming directly from the trees at the farm. Fresh eggs from the farm chickens. Locally produced fresh yogurt and cheese from the sheep milk, fresh grapefruits, freshly squeezed orange juice and the rest varies depending on Anna’s inspiration of the day.

We do some short trips around the area. For example, to explore the neighboring hills and to collect sage at the same time. Taking a bike ride to explore the different beaches of the coast and sketching on the way. Going to the beach, allowing ourselves be lazy on the sun and cool down a bit in the water. To take a train ride into the mountain village. Ride the bike and explore the river gorge. Or visit the local organic winery to taste some of the locally developed wines and of course, to get some to accompany the great variety of the local homemade dishes.

The food undeniably is the highlight! Homegrown courgettes and aubergines, lettuce, etc. that accompany either the catch of the day – different local fish, or stuffed zucchini flowers.

The major event of this week was firing the wooden oven and making the lamb chops.

Usually the day finishes at the beach, observing the sunset and catching its colors in the sketch.

Three times a week we finish the day at the beautiful veranda with yoga overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and beautiful sunsets.

Contact me if you’d like to join us at the Stavrianna organic farm this June – there is still a place available for the Finding Creative Flow course starting on June 11th. Individual inquiries on other dates are also a possibility.

Warm Greek welcome!


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