Last days at Prøvestenen – wanna be a model?

Dear friends,

there are always times that something comes to an end, but of course something else starts at the same time.
I invite you to visit me at my studio in Prøvestenen for the last time – we have to move out by April 1.

I’d be happy if you will help me to capture this special place in some series of images – and if you can also help me to pack and move some of the things – that would be great as well. But most importantly I just want to use the space for the fullest while it lasts. It offers really interesting backdrops and such. So if you ever dreamed to be a model – I would be really happy to work with you!

You’ll get to see a very special place in Copenhagen and you’ll get some bizzare photos taken at the same time.

Please call me – 71437363 – I won’t have much internet access while I’m there.

Hope to see you!

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